Pray for Advent Christian Church in Springfield, Vermont

Advent Christian Church has been a fellowship in Springfield, Vermont, for over 150 years. The church is proud to be a part of the legacy of sharing the Gospel in rural southern Vermont. 

Before the pandemic, the church had entered a period of seeking renewal and revitalization. Unfortunately, COVID diminished Advent Christian’s attendees and robbed many of them of their physical health. Led by Pastor David Young, the church is now facing a replant, so they will be able to continue ministering to their community. 

Despite the challenges, the members of Advent Christian feel the call of God to see a new vibrant work in their community. They specifically have a heart for the local first responders and public servants. Please pray that God would give the church opportunities to serve and minister to them.

Also, pray for God to revitalize and renew Advent Christian and its members so they can continue the legacy of sharing the Good News and the love of Christ in their community.

Join us in praying for:

  • God to revitalize and renew the church so the congregation can continue ministering in rural southern Vermont
  • The Springfield community to be receptive to the Good News of Jesus
  • God to provide opportunities to serve the first responders and public servants in the community
  • Pastor David Young as he leads the church toward revitalization through a replant
  • The community of Springfield, Vermont


Let us know if you prayed for Advent Christian Church!