Pray for Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Carneys Point, New Jersey

Bethel Bible Baptist Church, located in Carneys Point, New Jersey, began in 1860 with the Spirit leading many to reach fishermen along the Delaware River for Christ. Fishermen, at the time, were looked upon as outcasts, yet this did not stop those who believed these were the very people that God was pursuing. From that humble beginning, Bethel Bible has continued to pursue those who need to hear the gospel regardless of social standing. 

Ron Whitehead has led Bethel Bible as their pastor for almost 30 years. He loves shepherding the flock which has been entrusted to him, and considers it a privilege to share life with them. Ron spends his time enjoying yard work, cheering for the Cowboys, and learning from the latest podcasts. HIs wife, Melissa, supports and encourages Ron with wisdom and godly discernment. They have four adult children.

As Ron is approaching his late 50s, he is mindful of discharging his ministry to another whom God is even now preparing. Will you join Ron and his wife, Melissa, in prayer as they are asking God to lead them and Bethel Bible into a new season?

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Praise God, first of all, for his faithfulness to continually pursue those in this rural community with his love and grace. Thank God that these faithful members long to see many come to faith in Christ.
    • Pray for the right person, right timing, and a God-honoring transition as pastor Ron prepares for a succession plan.
    • Pray for the leaders of Bethel Bible, including Ron, as they seek to serve with humility and lead their church towards greater health and a fervency for evangelism.
    • Pray for wisdom, strength, and focus as Ron finishes well at Bethel.
    • Pray that the ministry at Bethel Bible will continue on for decades to come and that God’s glory will continue to shine brightly in Carneys Point.

Let us know if you prayed for Bethel Bible Baptist Church!