Pray for Butler Church of The Nazarene in Butler, New Jersey

Butler Church of the Nazarene is located 40 miles outside of New York City in Morris County, New Jersey. In 2012, Pastor Chuck Corradino arrived at the church without a team and without money. The congregation consisted of 12 senior church members, and the building needed refurbishing.

Pastor Carradino saw the challenges as opportunities. He raised money for new carpet, projectors, and screens. He also put together a great worship team and worked to change the demographics of the church through outreach.

Today, Butler Church of the Nazarene is a small church with a large footprint. The church established support groups for teens and young adults struggling in crisis after there were four suicides in 2 ½ years in their local high school. The church also has a huge biker ministry, a mental health ministry, and a community food pantry. Fusion Cafe, a concert venue located in the lower level of their building, is used to bring the community together and share the gospel. 

Despite many challenges, Butler Church of the Nazarene is committed to planting  the seed of the gospel in people’s hearts and sweep communities to Christ.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Butler Church of The Nazarene as they reach their community through online services, in-person outdoor gatherings, and their various ministries.
  • The renovation of the church’s Fusion Cafe to reach a younger generation. Please pray for its completion by September 20th so it can be used for Life Line health screenings and other commitments. Pray that God will bless the church’s efforts so this venue will be used as an attraction event where the gospel is shared and the community comes together.
  • Regathering growth both spiritually and numerically. 
  • Pastor Chuck Corradino as he ministers during the pandemic and social upheavals.
  • The community of Butler, New Jersey, specifically the youth and young adults.


Let us know if you prayed for Butler Church of The Nazarene!