Pray for Tullos First Baptist Church in Tullos, Louisiana

Tullos First Baptist Church is over 100 years old. It is located in a small town in Louisiana that is a remnant of the booming oil hub it used to be. Before COVID, the church averaged around 100 congregants on Sunday mornings, but they are currently hovering between 50-60. The church has an active children’s and youth ministries, and they are host to Love’s Lighthouse, a ministry that serves hot meals and provides weekly groceries and food to those in need. 

Despite damage to their church building, Tullos First Baptist is currently hosting two ministries and working alongside them to support relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Laura. Although Tullos was not one of the most devastated areas in the state of Louisiana, the parish did take a major hit, and many have been without power since early Thursday, August 27th. The residents are being told to prepare for at least another week without electricity, and regular church services have been suspended until further notice.

Supplies in Tullos are scarce, and many resources are going to much more heavily affected areas. There are many elderly people and those in poverty in the community who need assistance with basic needs. Currently, the members of Tullos First Baptist are trying to support those community members while dealing with damage sustained to their own homes.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Tullos First Baptist Church as they minister to their community in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.
  • Pastor Scott Smith as he leads the church during this difficult time.
  • Church members who sustained damage to their homes.
  • The elderly and those in poverty to receive the assistance they need.
  • The community of Tullos, the state of Louisiana, and all who were impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Let us know if you prayed for Tullos First Baptist Church!