Pray for Ravenhill Presbyterian in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ravenhill Presbyterian was started in 1897 after the work of DL Moody in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. WP Nicholson & Billy Graham preached at the church, and it grew to be a very large congregation by UK standards (800+ people). Unfortunately, the church has been in decline for decades and is now in need of revitalization.

Pastor Marty Gray was ordained as the pastor at Ravenhill in 2018 on a 5 year contract. The challenge was to revitalize/replant the church or else it would face closure. God has been at work in amazing ways, and the church has seen Him do things they could not have imagined.

Ravenhill is seeking the Lord’s wisdom to minister effectively during the pandemic. Due to COVID restrictions, the church is reevaluating their evangelistic plans to launch a men’s outreach ministry and young life in the upcoming year.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • The Lord to continue to work in and through Ravenhill Presbyterian as they aim to revitalize for His glory.
  • Pastor Marty Gray as he leads the revitalization efforts at the church.
  • The church to remain united as a church family.
  • The Lord to make His plans clear as the church moves forward in COVID conditions.
  • The continued spiritual growth of the congregation
  • For people to keep coming to faith in Christ as the church shares the gospel.
  • Ravenhill’s elders as they shepherd the flock under their care.
  • The city of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Let us know if you prayed for Ravenhill Presbyterian!