Pray for Chosen Generation Church in Saucier, Mississippi

Chosen Generation Church, located in Saucier, Mississippi, is a young church. They began meeting in homes for Bible study and prayer three years ago, and have grown to the point of securing a meeting place one year after they first began to meet. The Lord’s presence is experienced in powerful ways and is moving in each service. 

Bob W. Jones, serves as the pastor of CGC, a multi-cultural, non-denominational church. God is richly blessing them! They had 132 on Resurrection Sunday, and even more on Mother’s Day. They are intentional about reaching out to the community and, as pastor Bob describes, they are “a church that love is building.”

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Praise God for His presence and for actively working in those who attend Chosen Generation Church.
  • Pray for Bob W. Jones and the leadership of CGC, that they will continue to trust God’s direction and leading and will rejoice in the fruitful lives God is producing through their ministry.
  • Praise God for His timely provisions in providing a building and land within one year of establishing as CGC. Pray that they will also be able to purchase the two acres of adjoining land and the owner will be willing to sell or donate it.
  • Pray for success of an upcoming mailout CGC is doing within a ten mile radius of their church, and effort to let people know who they are and where they are located.
  • Pray that God will raise up leaders at CGC. Pray that God will work in the hearts of men to grow in the grace of the Lord, the knowledge of His Word, and to be used of the Holy Spirit to help lead their congregation into uncharted waters!
  • Pray that pastor Bob and CGC will continue to bear fruit for many more years to come and that God will expand His glory at Saucier, Mississippi.


Let us know if you prayed for Chosen Generation Church!