Pray for Grace Place in Lamar, Missouri

Grace Place, located in Lamar, Missouri, was originally established as Bethany Baptist Church in the early 1990’s. Kevin Sheat serves as the lead pastor/elder of 32 years, and it is under his leadership that they changed their name, focusing on the church being a place of grace. Kevin has faithfully taught men and their families to live under the authority of God’s Word, keeping Christ at the center. GP is an elder-led church, with Kasey Sheat serving as the worship pastor/elder and Reg Givens as a pastor/elder. 

This year, Grace Place celebrates 150 years as a church committed to reaching out to the community and to cross-cultural missions. They are a congregation of around 30 families, with two families serving in South Asia and three more currently raising support to serve in North Africa. GP has recently made some ministry transitions and is praying for a direction and vision from the Holy Spirit for how they will continue to reach the lost and care for their community. Their latest family just arrived in South Asia a few weeks ago and GP asks for prayer to cover them in grace as they get settled, begin language school, learn the culture, and have the opportunity to have an immediate impact in this new context.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Pray for the pastors/elders at Grace Place by name, that God will continue to strengthen them for the work of ministry as they lead their church: Kevin Sheat, Kasey Sheat, and Reg Givens.
  • Pray for the families currently on the field as missionaries, that they will continue to adjust to the culture and that their ministry will bear much fruit.
  • Pray for those who are raising support to go to North Africa, that they will be steadfast and persistent, faithfully trusting in God’s perfect timing.
  • Pray for Grace Place as they celebrate 150 of service to their community, and that they will remain stalwart in the location that God has placed them.
  • Pray as GP has transitioned away from one ministry, that God opens the doors for other ministry to the community. 
  • Pray for the families of the 3 pastors/elders, including Kevin’s four children, and eighteen grandchildren!

Let us know if you prayed for Grace Place!

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