Pray for Christian Valley Baptist Church in Livingston, Alabama

Christian Valley Baptist Church in Livingston, Alabama is a 100-year-old church that has had only two full-time pastors. The church was once described as “the church of misfits,” and that’s probably what makes it  attractive to first-time visitors. Led by Pastor Wayne Smith, the church has a genuineness that is not seen in many churches.

Although Christian Valley is located in rural Alabama and happens to average less than 100 in attendance, it is not uncommon to have six or more young families with young children attend. There can easily be 20-30 preschool to middle school age kids in attendance on a given Sunday. This is a blessing and a challenge for the church both in manpower and facility space.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Christian Valley Baptist Church as it prepares to take the next steps to reopen. Their next hurdle will be small group Bible study on Sunday and mid-week studies.
  • Facility space and workers to teach and care for young children once in-person worship services resume.
  • Pastor Wayne Smith as he leads and serves at Christian Valley.
  • Christian Valley’s members to remain healthy and loving towards one another during these trying days.
  • The community of Livingston, Alabama.


Let us know if you prayed for Christian Valley Baptist Church!