Pray for Church by the Fort in Copperas Cove, Texas

Pastor: Timbo Fowler

Weekly Worship: 9:30 AM, Central

Fast Facts: Church by the Fort launched in 2009, the Sunday before the Fort Hood shooting that killed 13. The church is now comprised of more than 80% active duty military or veterans and has consistently drawn more than 70% previously unchurched attendees since beginning 9 years ago. The church meets in a movie theater where the seats recline (and people do use that feature during the sermon).

They also partner with Iron Horse Disciples Motorcycle Ministry and minister in a local women’s jail conducting Celebrate Recovery and life skills training for transitioning out of the prison. Please pray for the leaders to have energy for ministry and for the ladies to have a positive transition as many simply get out and find themselves right back in the prison.

As you can imagine, due to the military connection, CBTF loses 30-40% of attendees each year due to military moves or job changes. The discipleship and evangelism challenge is higher than normal due to the typical short term nature of the attendees. Because of this, leaders come and go making ministry consistency more difficult. Also, the stress of military life and the absence of soldiers for deployment and training exercises take an enormous toll on the marriages in the congregation. Please pray for the members and for the church as they walk through that journey.


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