Pray for Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church in Wendell, North Carolina

Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church, located in Wendell, North Carolina, was founded by farmers in 1889 and the gospel seeds are still being planted today! CCBC is currently going through a revitalization process and asks for your prayers. Jerome Krejcha recently began serving at his first pastorate at this beautiful country church. God called him to Clyde’s Chapel after serving as a corporate chaplain for almost four years. 

Pastor Jerome has a background as a career linguist in the military, with the amazing ability of speaking four languages fluently including Russian, Serbo-Croatian, French, and of course, English (he can also function in German and Spanish!). Jerome and his wife, Jennifer Krejcha, have six children with their 6th (daughter) being adopted from China after his wife had cervical cancer. Wife has recovered and their 6th child is the family’s princess. His hobbies include reading and studying languages and teaching Karate as an outreach ministry. Jerome is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree. He shares his journey and testimony here.

Jerome asks that you pray for him and his war-torn church. With his background of combat and karate, he also asks that his experiences will translate into an effective ministry of compassion and healing for those at Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Pray that God would bring new life to Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church during the revitalization process.
  • Pray for healing for the church as they went through a church split. They are currently active with approximately 40 members, down from just over 100. 
  • Pray that their candlelight service brings new families and meets a spiritual need in their lives, ultimately bringing them to faith in Christ.
  • Pray that CCBC will effectively reach out to those who live nearby as well as the new families who are rapidly moving to the area.
  • Pray for insight, wisdom, and God’s strength for pastor Jerome as he shepherds and cares for a hurting flock.
  • Pray spiritual protection and health over Jerome’s family as he balances the demands of ministry, his doctorate work, and time with his family.

Let us know if you prayed for Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church!