Pray for Munford First United Methodist Church in Munford, Tennessee

Munford First United Methodist Church, located 45 minutes north of Memphis, Tennessee, has been serving their local community since 1840. They originally organized under the name Mount Zion, later adopting the name of their hometown. The church has added several buildings over the years, began a preschool, and has grown to support a current ministerial staff of six, including Will Clark serving as their pastor.

Will Clark began his pastoral ministry in 2017, shortly after graduating from the Divinity School at Duke University where he received his Master of Divinity degree. As a native to Jackson, Tennessee, he also attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, an hour-and-a-half north of his hometown. Will loves his local sports teams, and is an avid reader of history, sports, and theology. One of his greatest passions is discipleship. 

Munford First UMC has two services, one traditional and one casual. They operate a food pantry, a preschool, and also provide resources through their active For Our Neighbors ministry to confront issues such as elder abuse and mental health. On most Wednesday nights, they host fellowship meals to raise funds for local organizations and ministries for ministries within their congregation. 

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Pray for the leadership at their church and preschool. Pray that outreach and discipleship will continue to remain their highest priorities.
    • Pray for their Facility Renewal Campaign, with the goal of raising $125,000 to restore and upgrade their historic campus by Easter Sunday. 
    • Pray for the preschool at Munford First UMC, that the children who hear about Jesus will be positively impacted with the gospel and that connections can be made to their families.
    • Pray for an invitation initiative, beginning on the first Sunday in January, with the goal of 500 individual invitations to worship, to bible study, or to connect with the church in other ministries.
    • Pray for their For Our Neighbors ministry, that skilled volunteers will continue to look out for those living with mental health issues and for those subjected to elder abuse.
    • Pray for their community and its struggles and successes, as well as their Bread of Life food pantry and those who are served by it.
    • Pray for their fundraising efforts and their budget, that they will use their financial resources with wisdom.

Let us know if you prayed for Munford First United Methodist Church!