Pray for Cornerstone Church in Hemet, California

Cornerstone Church, located in Hemet, California, was founded 130 years ago and has seen their share of highs and lows. The church experienced a significant decline since 2014, before and after Covid, but God continues to work! They are seeing God revitalize them through their faithfulness to reach out to their community and make disciples.

Pastor Glen SchaumloeffeI recently joined Cornerstone as their lead pastor, serving his first year there. He quickly recognized that the church needed to be revitalized and went to work. Under his leadership, they are laboring to create a culture of being a family-friendly church, including adding picnic tables to the pavilion and grass areas near their sanctuary building, as well as opening their gymnasium for children to play in after the service ends.

Cornerstone is moving in the right direction and wants to truly be a neighborhood church that reaches their community and beyond. They have a big weekend coming up in October. They will be hosting a Critical Issues seminar on Saturday the 28th with guest speaker Greta Eskridge, focused on equipping parents to fight pornography, along with a Harvest Fair on Sunday the 29th. Please pray for these events and for Cornerstone Church.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Pray for directional vision, that they will move forward within the community God has placed them in, faithfully using the resources entrusted to them.
    • Pray for Pastor Glen and the leaders at Cornerstone, as there have been many staff transitions in the last five years.
    • Pray that God will help guide the leadership to get the right pastoral team in place.
    • Pray for their revitalization process, that disciples will be made, and that God will be glorified within a healthy, vibrant church.
    • Pray for the endurance of the current leadership that they will wisely be able to clean up issues from the past and move forward in faith (i.e. “setting in order what remains”).
    • Pray that their various ministries will be aligned with the vision of the church and bear fruit.
    • Pray for Cornerstone’s engagement with the surrounding community, including a big weekend of events on October 28-29.
    • Pray for the growth of their preschool, that seeds of the gospel will continue to be planted in the hearts and minds of the children.

Let us know if you prayed for Cornerstone Church!