Pray for Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee made national headlines in a way we never want to see or hear. We, at Church Answers, are deeply saddened to hear about this tragedy. We are praying for the families and friends of the victims as well as the community that, in many ways, is still experiencing this tragedy. 

There was a sign by the stone gates of the school entrance about Easter. Our prayer is that the hope of the resurrection will give even greater hope and comfort to those grieving.

Below is a list of the victims, one of which is the pastor’s daughter, Hallie:

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9

Hallie Scruggs, 9

William Kinney, 9

Cynthia Peak, 61

Katherine Koonce, 60 

Mike Hill, age 61 

Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Each family of the victims listed by name above.
  • Chad Scruggs, who serves as the pastor to comfort the grieving and is himself, along with his wife Jada and their three sons, grieving the loss of their daughter Hallie.
  • The survivors, that they will receive God’s comfort and peace despite this traumatic event.
  • Those in the community and the nation, that they will see God working despite this tragedy and through it, coming to know the Savior and the resurrection to life He offers.
  • Strength for Chad and his wife, Jada, as they serve a dual role of comforting and being comforted.
  • The ability to grieve in the midst of national attention.
  • God’s mercies through this tragedy.

For more information on each victim, please read this CNN article about their lives. Pray, as you read, about the particular impact each person had and the loss felt as a result of this shooting.

Let us know if you prayed for Covenant Presbyterian Church!