Pray for Ellis Baptist Church in Ellis, Kansas


Ellis Baptist Church in Ellis, Kansas was established in 1984 in a small community built around the railroad. The town is rich in history but along with that comes a dark side. This town was once a place where the cowboys would come and drink. Then they would meet ladies of the evening. The church has bought a furniture store but upstairs houses the “apartments.” We have a tremendous amount of false religion, alcoholism, and pornography that we face in our town.

​​Chad Pritchett serves as the pastor of Ellis Baptist Church (EBC). After college, Chad joined the Army and served in both the Gulf and Iraq wars. After returning home from Iraq, Chad heard God reminding him of his call to preach the gospel. After much prayer, the Pritchett family surrendered to the ministry and moved to Ellis, KS to serve as the senior pastor of Ellis Baptist Church in July 2013. Chad and his wife, Tricia, have been married since 1991 and they have 5 children, Colin, Brittany, Ryan, Lauren, and Michael. 

EBC recently put on a Magic and Morality show and presented the gospel. Because of that they are facing opposition and threats through the school board members and others even though it was not a school sponsored event. Pray for favor in the community and that the gospel will reach into the dark areas of their town.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Pastor Chad as he leads his congregation to be a light to a community entrenched in darkness.
  • That the issue with the local battle they face will resolve itself under the guiding power and direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Receptivity of the Gospel by those in the community. 
  • That God will break into the minds of hearts of those living under the sway of false religion, alcoholism, and pornography.
  • The pastor and his family, that they are kept from the evil one. 
  • The church will continue to implement creative ways of sharing the Gospel with those in the community.


Let us know if you prayed for Ellis Baptist Church!