Pray for Rolling Fork First Baptist Church in Rolling Fork, Mississippi

Rolling Fork First Baptist Church in Rolling Fork, Mississippi is one of the churches recently caught in the devastation of natural disasters in Mississippi and Alabama. We are praying for them as well as the more recent churches left in the wake of devastating storms in Indiana. You can see in the picture of their church the roof damage and their missing steeple. Despite the damage, the pastor brought the church together the following Sunday, determined to worship together and pray.

Britt Williamson serves as the pastor of Rolling Forks FBC. Britt and his daughter, Maggie, were recently interviewed by Fox and Friends where we gathered the following information (the link to the interview is below):

  • It was a miracle of God that there were not more fatalities than the 26 reported at the time.
  • Houses were leveled and businesses completely destroyed.
  • Some high schoolers were helping to search for survivors and experienced pulling the dead from the wreckage.
  • Many were displaced from their homes.
  • 26 died between the states of Mississippi and Alabama.
  • The recovery time will take months and possibly years.
  • Churches across the state and nation reached out asking how they could help.

Join us as we pray for these specific needs:

  • Pastor Britt as he leads his congregation to be a light and hope to a community that experienced great loss.
  • Thank God that the devastation to the church was relatively minimal despite the force of the storm.
  • God’s comfort and peace, despite this disaster, will be experienced through God’s people by the community
  • All of the churches and communities affected by these recent storms in the last few weeks in Mississippi, Alabama, and Indiana.
  • The families and friends of those who have lost loved ones. Pray that the gospel will be shared and that many will come to faith in Jesus as a result.
  • The disaster relief teams will continue to receive the resources they need to help those affected by this disaster.
  • People will find the help to rebuild their homes and the resilience to press on.

Below is the link of the Fox and Friends interview with pastor Britt Williamson:

Let us know if you prayed for Rolling Fork First Baptist Church!