Pray for Faith Baptist Church in Spring Hill, Florida

Faith Baptist Church, located in Spring Hill, Florida, established in 1976 with their first meeting in the lunchroom of a local elementary school. Faith built their first building in 1981 and an educational building in 1987. The church also operates a growing school, Faith Christian Academy, which first opened in 1992. They added an additional modular unit in 2013 to provide for Academy growth as well as serve as the youth room for Sunday School and Wednesday night services.

Pastor Barry Gordon and his wife, Debbie, came to FBC in the spring of 2012. Barry has served in the pastoral ministry for 36 years and 47 years in Christian education. In addition to his service as senior pastor, he serves as the school administrator. Barry attended Trinity Bible College and holds a D.R.E. in  Pastoral Theology from Bethany College. His wife, Debbie, serves as the principal of FCA. Tim Gordon, their assistant pastor, and his wife, Caroline both serve FCA–Tim as a coach for their sports teams, and Caroline as the assistant principal. Tim and Caroline came to FBC in the spring of 2013.

It is their fervent desire to reach their community with the gospel. Pray for them as they actively engage their community. Among other events every year, they have a VBS, a Fall Festival in October, Revival services in September, and a Christmas Banquet in December. The gospel is shared at each of these events. They are also planning a mission trip to help a sister church in Ohio in the summer of 2024.

 Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Pray for Pastor Barry and Pastor Tim, their families and their ministries.
    • Pray for growth and protection of Faith BC and their school, Faith Christian Academy.
    • Pray for wisdom as they seek to reach their community with the gospel.
    • Pray for their building program. They are planning to build a family life center with the goal of reaching their community through sports.
    • Pray for God’s continued blessing as they seek to follow His direction.
    • Pray for Faith’s revival services next month and their annual Fall Festival in October, that God will bring fruit from these events.
    • Pray for those who heard the gospel at their past VBS in June as well as those who will attend their upcoming Christmas Banquet, that their hearts will be prepared to receive the gospel.
    • Pray for the spiritual success of their mission trip next summer.

Let us know if you prayed for Faith Baptist Church!