Pray for First Monroe Baptist Church in Monroe, Louisiana

First Monroe Baptist Church was founded in 1854 in Monroe, Louisiana. The church has a long and rich history of sharing the Gospel with those in their city and around the world. Currently located in downtown Monroe, the congregation is a very eclectic group of people ranging from young to old. 

The church is selling their historic building and relocating. Pastor James Doughty is preaching a sermon series titled, “Faith For The Future” as the church prepares for this next phase of ministry. Please pray for the congregation as they prepare to move and make the necessary changes to relocate. 

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • God to bless the sale of the current, historic church building.
  • God to provide wisdom to the church leaders during this season of transition.
  • The congregation to grow in their faith as they trust God for the future. 
  • Pastor James Doughty as he leads the congregation through the sale of the current building and relocation.
  • The city of Monroe, Louisiana.


Let us know if you prayed for First Monroe Baptist Church!