Pray for Four Mile Run Christian Church in Youngstown, Ohio

Four Mile Run Christian Church was established in 1828 by Walter Scott, an early church father in the Restoration Movement. It is a non-denominational church, serving the greater Youngstown, Ohio area. Mike Smith is the current pastor at Four Mile Run, beginning his time there in 2003 as the Associate Pastor and transitioned into the Senior Pastor role in 2009. 

Like many pastors, Mike also works outside of the church. He began serving as the chaplain for their fire department in 2015, which–as his interest grew–led to the fire department putting Mike through fire school as well as EMT training and subsequently becoming a full-time fire-fighter in 2018. He also serves as the Police Chaplain in their community.

After receiving this training and experience, God opened the door to expand Mike’s ministry reach by becoming an instructor for the International Critical Incident Foundation and trains police, fire, EMS, mental health workers and individuals on how to help people in crisis situations. Please pray for Mike and his church as they continue to seek ways to engage the community with the gospel.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Mike is working to lead the church through revitalization and is seeking outside help in this regard. He asks that their leaders grasp the importance of having someone to lead them through this.
  • Pray that the staff will maintain the energy needed through the revitalization process.
  • Pray that they continue to focus on discipleship over programming.
  • Pray that the community groups within Four Mile Run will be used by Christ to transform lives.
  • Pray that Four Mile Run will be a visible, serving part of their community.
  • Pray that Mike will continue to lead his church effectively while working as a bi-vocational chaplain and firefighter.

Let us know if you prayed for Four Mile Run Christian Church!