Pray for Hilltop Tabernacle Church in Griffith, Ontario

Hilltop Tabernacle Church, located in Griffith, Ontario, started as a home Bible study 45 years ago. It serves a small village-style community stretching three miles and is called home to approximately 200 people living in the immediate area. The population density is 7.2 people per square mile. The congregation is made up of tradesmen, business owners, a farmer, a hairdresser, laborers and atomic energy workers from a plant 2 hours away. The only local businesses you will find there are a general store, a burger and fries takeout, an auto repair and welding shop, a lumberyard–and a diner. Anything else requires a 45 minute drive to the nearest town. 

And yet, God is moving in this small church in this little town.

Steven Green serves as the pastor to this congregation of 40 people, leading them since the Fall of 2018. His wife, Debra, is also a vital part of their ministry to Hilltop Tabernacle. Together, they have prayerfully faced a church which had become quite insular over the years, having a hard, legalistic reputation. Steven has worked hard at breaking down barriers and building bridges of relationship within the community which is starting to show positive results. Steven is often found at the local diner when not at church, ministering to the locals. The diner is often closed at the beginning each week. Steven serves coffee on these days as a simple and thoughtful outreach–and a time to share the gospel. The church also began a kid’s ministry a year ago, presenting family-friendly community events throughout the year. Debra initiated a ladies’ quarterly event and a virtual Bible study. God is using both to meet the spiritual needs of local women.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Pray that God will continue to work in this remote area of Canada, bringing many to faith in Him.
  • Pray for those who are committed to Hilltop Tabernacle Church, and faithfully drive an hour or more to get there.
  • Praise God for bringing Steve and Debra to this church who both receive government pensions, which supplements what the church is able to pay. 
  • Pray for leadership strength from the Lord to fight against an undercurrent of complacency that exists, inhibiting spiritual development and growth. 
  • Pray for an upcoming ladies’ Art Night on March 14th at the church. Pray that the devotional Debra shares will impact those who attend with the truth of the gospel.
  • Pray that God will bring a technically-minded person to oversee the Sunday media, the church’s website, and other technical needs.

Let us know if you prayed for Hilltop Tabernacle Church!