Pray for Hope River Church in Gibsonville, North Carolina

Hope River Church was founded in 1899 in Gibsonville, North Carolina, a small town east of Greensboro. The church believes that Jesus Christ is restoring broken people every day. They often refer to their church as a hospital, a place where everyone is a patient at various stages of recovery and healing. They believe that no one is beyond repair. 

Pastor Larry Pope has faithfully served as the lead pastor of Hope River for over 34 years. Under his leadership, the church completed a renovation of their building a few months before the pandemic hit. Now they are in the process of renovating their discipleship process.

COVID challenged Hope River to focus on developing better disciples rather than growing a bigger congregation. Please pray that God will bless the leadership and congregation of the church as they learn and grow in the Lord.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Hope River’s leadership team as they lead a new discipleship process.
  • The congregation as they learn and grow in the Lord. 
  • Pastor Larry Pope as he continues to serve faithfully and positions his church for the next chapter of ministry and leadership.
  • The community of Gibsonville, North Carolina.


Let us know if you prayed for Hope River Church!