Pray for Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Esperanza in Indianapolis, Indiana

Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope Christian Church) started in Indianapolis, Indiana 11 years ago with one family. They initially shared space for one service in a small General Baptist church with the purpose of reaching out to a neighborhood becoming increasingly Hispanic. As the pastors invited the nearby community through home visits and eventually home Bible studies, the church grew to nearly 100 people. Early in the church history a Tuesday night prayer and teaching service was started, and later a Friday night worship service was added.

The church strives to be a bilingual church, with both English and Spanish speaking members. Many members already speak both languages but not yet fluently. When possible, the sermon is translated from Spanish to English. The big challenge is many children are speaking and learning more English so it is difficult to find bilingual teachers who can speak to the ones who only know Spanish and translate for those who are most familiar with English.

Please pray for Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Esperanza church as they struggle to keep the doors open because of the temporary shut down. They are using Facebook LIVE to stream services from the pastor’s home, but they do not have many people who are able to continue giving during this difficult season. They are also limited by the lack of a website and means for online giving. Their county is one of four in the state of Indiana still struggling with increases in infections and deaths from COVID-19, so the members are hesitant to start regathering. Please pray for the Lord’s healing touch on their community and His provision for the church.

Let us know if you prayed for Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Esperanza!