Pray for Kenwood Church of the Nazarene in Clymer, Pennsylvania

Pastor: Al Nolan

Weekly Worship: Sunday at 10:30 AM, Eastern

Fast Facts: Founded in the small village of Kenwood, Pennsylvania in 1959, Kenwood Church of the Nazarene has always been considered a light in their community. The church may be a small & elderly congregation, but they have BIG hearts. The members love children and ministering to them through Vacation Bible School every summer. The members also love digging deeply into the Word of God.

Pastor Al Nolan was called as the church’s new pastor in September. He and his family moved to Kenwood from South Dakota. Please pray for Pastor Al and his family as they continue to transition to a new church and community.

Please pray for Kenwood Church as they brainstorm ways to minister to their local area in 2020. The church is specifically praying for ways to minister to the younger families in their community.


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