Pray for Mosaic Church in Provo, Utah

Mosaic Church was planted in October of 2020, in Provo, Utah, a city that is the heartbeat of the Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Church. Ben Neiser and Troy Walker, along with a group of Christians, had begun an interfaith dialogue ministry called Intersect, reaching Mormon college students and young adults, creating gospel conversations through various mediums of art. Their monthly meeting led to a Bible study which grew rapidly, even during the pandemic. Prompted by their first profession of faith, the core team followed the Spirit’s lead, opening the doors to a new local church.

As this handful of Christians began thinking about what a church plant in Provo may look like, Ben connected with David Gaskins, who was serving in college ministry just south of Provo. Ben and Troy had also connected with Allen Featherstone, a minister in Texas who had led multiple mission teams to Utah. By September of 2020, Allen and David moved to Provo to join Ben and Troy as church planters (see their bios here). On October 4th, 2020, they gathered for their first worship service in a small art studio as Mosaic Church. Twenty-three in all attended, including the pastors’ families, a handful of believers, and a few unbelievers. In just under three years, the Lord has grown Mosaic Church to 90-120 people in attendance on Sunday mornings. Those who were once enslaved to the false gospel of Mormonism find freedom in Christ and become the first disciples of Jesus in their entire family tree.

In a city of 130,000 people, 82% are Latter-day Saints, 17.5% are atheist/ex-Mormons who often express anger and hostility. Less than 0.5% are Christians. There are more Christians per capita in places like Saudi Arabia than there are in Provo, which is the most unchurched city, in the most unchurched county, in the most unchurched state in North America. Provo is the only city in the world with two Latter-day Saint Temples. Five gospel-centered churches are established in Provo, including Mosaic, with an estimated 250-300 Christians in a city of 130,000.

Though Mosaic Church resides just around the corner of Brigham Young University, the LORD is drawing the lost to himself. Every week, Mosaic has many LDS or ex-LDS, who are questioning their faith, to attend their worship gatherings, community groups, and/or outreach events. The internet has loosened the hold the Mormon faith has on its’ members, and there are more men and women coming to Christ than ever before in Utah’s history.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Pray that the Lord will give the four pastors an abundance of wisdom as they labor to lead a rapidly growing church in an extremely complicated context.
    • Pray that they will shepherd new believers who are leaving the Mormon religion with tenderness and wisdom. When someone comes out of Mormonism, they lose everything, and so the way they are received by the body of Christ is extremely important.
    • Pray for the protection of their marriages and their families. Provo is a satanic city in the sense that the twisted gospel of the Enemy hangs over everything. It is a dark place rampant with abuse, suicide, depression, eating disorders, and opioid addiction.
    • Pray for the salvation of their children–nothing matters more to them.
    • Pray that the LORD will provide a worship pastor for Mosaic. That provision is really the “next step” as they continue to grow.
    • Pray that the Lord will provide the financial means for David, Allen, Troy, and Ben to continue being full-time in their vocational ministry. With a city as unchurched as Provo, planting missionaries who are responsible for raising their own salaries through financial partners is the only way something like Mosaic Church is possible. It is tough soil in Provo.
    • Pray for the pastors in this next season of their church as they begin a pastoral residency along with a preaching cohort to raise up local believers to lead and minister in Utah.
    • Pray for Mosaic Church–Vineyard, their first church plant out of Mosaic Church–Provo. Pray that it is able to launch in the Fall of 2024 and through their efforts, the name of Jesus would be lifted high in Utah County!

Let us know if you prayed for Mosaic Church!

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