Pray for Mount Tabor Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida

Mount Tabor Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida, is a testament to faithful service even during challenging times. On Friday, October 19, 2019, an EF-2 tornado hit the church, damaging its main building and completely destroying its ministry center. Despite the damage to the church’s property, the church regrouped and quickly resumed its ministry of feeding and serving those in need in the Lakeland community. 

Two and a half years later, construction delays, increased costs, and numerous other obstacles have prevented the church from rebuilding its ministry center. The original building served as a central hub for feeding up to 200 families every Thursday. Despite the setbacks, Mount Tabor Baptist has remained faithful to serving its community and glorifying God. Under the leadership of Dr. Matt Gilmore, the church has improvised and continues to provide fresh vegetables, non-perishables, and other hygiene products to community members each week using a “drive-thru” food pantry.

Please pray for Mount Tabor as they continue to raise funds and work with local leaders to rebuild their ministry center and food pantry. Also, pray for the church’s Vacation Bible School scheduled for June 27 through July 1. May God bless the faithful ministry of Mount Tabor Baptist Church.

Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • God to make provision for the church to rebuild its ministry center and food pantry.
  • The church’s upcoming Vacation Bible School.
  • Encouragement for the music ministry after losing some key members.
  • Dr. Matt Gilmore as he leads Mount Tabor and works through the rebuild process.
  • The community of Lakeland, Florida.


Let us know if you prayed for Mount Tabor Baptist Church!