Pray for Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is the oldest predominantly African American Baptist church in Omaha and the second oldest in the state of Nebraska. Dr. Ralph Lassiter has faithfully served as the senior pastor since 2005. In 2019, the church adopted another church in a merger of their congregations.

This month Mt. Moriah will celebrate their 134th anniversary. The church will also celebrate the completion of a major building project that has been prayerfully in the making for several years. COVID-19 affected the members’ ability to fulfill pledges to the church’s capital building campaign. Despite this challenge, the church remained faithful in prayer and proceeded with construction, knowing the Lord would provide. 

Please pray for Dr. Lassiter and the congregation of Mt. Moriah as they celebrate 134 years of ministry in the Omaha area. Pray that God will continue to use their congregation to reach and impact the lost and unchurched in their community.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • God to provide financial resources to fund their building project
  • The congregation as they reach the lost and unchurched in their community
  • Dr. Ralph Lassiter as he leads Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
  • The city of Omaha, Nebraska

Let us know if you prayed for Mt. Moriah Baptist Church!