Pray for Pioneer Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Sylvia Circle Baptist Church was founded in Rock Hill, SC, in the 1950s. The church experienced a season of growth and fruitful ministry, but over the years the community changed, and the church fell into decline. In 2018, a small group of remaining members of Sylvia Circle Baptist decided to donate their facilities to another church. For decades, these members prayed for God to restore their church to new life and new ministry in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

On August 23, 2021, a new church was launched in Sylvia Circle’s former facilities. Led by Pastor Trell Ross, Pioneer Church opened its doors to a new season of ministry in Rock Hill. Please pray for this church replant as they seek to overcome cultural barriers in their community and see many come to know the Lord.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • The congregation of Pioneer Church as they replant and minister to their community.
  • God to send partners to come alongside the church and support them as they grow.
  • Pastor Trell Ross as he leads Pioneer Church.
  • The city of Rock Hill, South Carolina.


Let us know if you prayed for Pioneer Church!

Prayed for 180 time(s)