Pray for Redeemer Lutheran Church in Olathe, Kansas

Redeemer Lutheran Church in Olathe, Kansas began in 1962 as a mission to “collect Lutheran service members and their families serving at Naval Air Station Olathe.” The church grew with Olathe as the sleepy county seat of 6,000 people grew into one of the largest suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, currently with around 140,000 residents.

Under the leadership of Pastor Perry Sukstorf, Redeemer seeks to continue serving the older core of Olathe along with offering a vibrant preschool. Some of the church’s biggest challenges stem from living in an affluent area where many don’t think they need a Savior. One of the church’s greatest joys come from helping their immediate neighborhood and families at the local elementary school, most of which qualify for free or reduced lunches and breakfast at the school.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Redeemer’s preschool and the upcoming school year. Pray that COVID-19 would not hit the school’s families or staff and that the church would make God-pleasing decisions in that regard.
  • Pastor Perry Sukstorf as he leads and serves at Redeemer Lutheran.
  • Redeemer and many other churches to emerge from the pandemic ready to bring Jesus to new people in a new way that is less dependent upon old ministry models that might not work post-COVID.
  • The community of Olathe, Kansas.

Let us know if you prayed for Redeemer Lutheran Church!