Pray for St. Paul Chapel Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In June of 1938, as the Great Depression was coming to a close, God provided a vision for a church in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Methodist minister, Rev. Paul Clifton Jackson. In 1946, a few faithful servants pledged their homes as collateral and purchased a building at the corner of 21st & Manton Streets. In 1950, the church received its charter with thirty members. 

Almost 84 years after its founding, St. Paul Chapel Baptist Church is a multigenerational church with a passion for community, discipleship, and family. One of the church’s great missions is to develop believers who are holistically sound. The church considers everyone as part of the family. They approach ministry by meeting a person’s basic human needs first, then addressing his or her spiritual needs.

Please pray for Reverend Joshua Goodin and the other leaders at St. Paul Chapel as they look to purchase a new building. Also, pray for the church as they continue to offer social service efforts to their community and launch new ministry endeavors amidst this pandemic.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • The church leadership as they look to purchase a new building
  • God to send new volunteers to the church
  • God to build and bless the church’s music ministry with new voices
  • Reverend Joshua Goodin as he celebrates his birthday today! Also, pray for God’s strength and wisdom as he leads St. Paul Chapel Baptist Church.
  • The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Let us know if you prayed for St. Paul Chapel Baptist Church!