Pray for Stonington Baptist Church in Paxinos, Pennsylvania

Pastor: Brad Gray

Weekly Worship: 10:00 AM, Eastern

Fast Facts: Stonington Baptist Church is a rural Baptist church located in the village of Stonington, just off PA Route 61, between Shamokin and Sunbury, PA. The church has a rich heritage dating back to 1794 when it was founded as the Shamokin Baptist Church by Rev. John Patton under the direction of the Philadelphia Baptist Convention. The church became known as the “Mother church” because it was the first Baptist Church in Central Pennsylvania. From its membership or through its influence, many other Baptist churches were founded throughout the region. Today the members and friends of the Stonington Baptist Church endeavor to maintain and expand the impact of the ministry begun long ago, prioritizing the gospel message, and striving to provide a friendly welcome for sinners by pointing them to the Friend of sinners. Please pray for their upcoming Easter services and festivities, that God would continue work in and through the lives of the church to reach the community with the message of the risen Christ.


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