Pray for The Apostolic Church in Mokindi, Limbe in Cameroon, Africa

The Apostolic Church, Mokindi (Isokolo), Limbe is an outgrowth of the region’s main Apostolic Church, which began in Limbe, Cameroon, in 1949. The ministries of the church include a women’s movement, youth movement, Sunday school movement, and social care.

After meeting in an old rented house for ten years, the church recently moved to a new location. Their new building does not have windows or door protectors and, until recently, had dirt floors. Dr. David C. Ngwa is the new pastor at the church. He is leading the congregation as they transition into their new location and raise funds to complete their building project. 

Please pray for the members’ stability and church growth during this time of transition. Also, pray that God will provide the funding and resources for the church to complete their new building.

Join us in praying specifically for:

  • God to provide resources and funding to complete the church’s new building
  • Stability for the members and growth of the church
  • Dr. David C. Ngwa as he leads the church during this season of transition and fundraising
  • The community of Mokindi (Isokolo), Limbe


Let us know if you prayed for The Apostolic Church in Mokindi, Limbe!