Pray for The Word Church in Memphis, Tennessee

The Word Church was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2013 as an outreach to the University of Memphis. Under the leadership of founding Pastor Aaron Litzsey, the church has evolved into a community outreach ministry. The congregation is intentionally diverse and seeks to create an atmosphere that resembles Heaven. 

The church is currently leasing the same space they began meeting in over eight years ago. They are looking to expand to a multipurpose church facility. The congregation is trusting God to provide land and a building the church can own debt-free.

The church will host its New Year’s Outreach event in January 2022. The church feeds hundreds of families in need in the Memphis area. Please pray for the church as they reach out to the least of these for Christ.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • God to provide a way for the church to acquire land and a larger, multipurpose facility debt-free.
  • The church as they provide meals and minister to families during their New Year’s Outreach event.
  • Pastor Aaron Litzsey as he leads The Word Church in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • The city of Memphis, Tennessee, and the University of Memphis community.

Let us know if you prayed for The Word Church!