Pray for Towers Baptist Church in Richmond, British Columbia

Towers Baptist Church in Richmond, BC Canada is a church that was started in the early ’60s by a missionary from California. Currently, it is the only English speaking Southern Baptist church in Richmond, BC. Towers Baptist is a relatively small, but ethnically diverse church, with up to 15 different nationalities represented. Weekly prayer walking serves as their chief outreach ministry as they pray for their entire city annually.

Garrett Holmes is the pastor of Towers Baptist, serving the church since September 2011. He has been in ministry for over 20 years, pastoring churches in California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Maryland, and Cambodia, Mexico. Garrett graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and Gateway Seminary and is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry degree.

Towers Baptist is continually engaging their city with a discipleship strategy called AREAS. Among other prayer requests below, please pray that the church will continue to be fruitful and faithful through this discipleship strategy.

Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • GenSend (of the North American Mission Board) as college students are sent to serve as missionaries in Richmond, BC this summer.
  • Church members to live as daily missionaries within Richmond, BC, which is less than 2% evangelical.
  • The goal of planting one church in their city.
  • The 98% unchurched that over the year of 2023 will have the opportunity to hear the gospel, and respond favorably to the good news.
  • Mission teams that will come and partner with Towers Baptist to push back darkness and expand God’s kingdom.
  • Revival as as a result of further revitalization efforts.
  • Leaders, teachers, and new ministries to emerge.
  • Their new refugee ministry.



Let us know if you prayed for Towers Baptist Church!