Pray for Waterville Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee

Waterville Baptist Church, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, is a turnaround church we love to read about. Two years ago, they were on the brink of closing their doors permanently, but by God’s grace through prayer and obedience to the Great Commission, they are now healthy and fruitful. 

An intentional interim pastor led Waterville Baptist through a revitalization process and the church responded positively. Pastor Rodney Bice, joining Waterville Baptist as their new pastor on November 5, 2023 writes “the church is financially strong, relationally strong, and growing spiritually and numerically. We are currently engaging in Pray & Go as we are seeking to be a Great Commission Church for our community and the nations.”

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, Rodney surrendered to the ministry in 1994 and moved to Fort Worth to study at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He met his wife, Pamela, there, who was also a student, marrying on October 18, 1997. Rodney received an MDiv and Pamela received a Master of Music in December of 1999. Rodney has served churches in Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He and Pamela have four children and two grandchildren. Rodney loves spending time with his family, watching Alabama football, quail hunting, fishing, and cooking.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

    • Pray for an upcoming event called “Laugh All Night” on April 21st. A love offering will be received to help support new missions work in Haiti.
    • Pray for the numeric growth and health in their ministries to students and children.
    • Pray for funds to provide a new sign on the highway.
    • Pray that they will continue to be great stewards of God’s resources as they seek to pay off their building note. 
    • Pray for their efforts at “Growing Young” and implementing what they have learned from Fuller Youth Institute.
    • Pray for Rodney and Pamela as they are settling into the area.


Let us know if you prayed for Waterville Baptist Church!