Pray for Woodland Baptist Church in Waynesville, North Carolina

In the spring of 1938, a group of families gathered and organized a church in a barn in the town of Waynesville, North Carolina. These families wanted to worship regularly but did not have transportation to the nearest Baptist church. Thus, Woodland Baptist Church was founded with a faithful group of believers, a fifty-five-gallon oil barrel to serve as a podium, and pews made of sawmill slabs and blocks cut from nearby trees. 

Many changes have occurred over the years in the church and the community. During the month of February, Pastor Josh Frazier will be leading Woodland through long-term vision casting and planning. The church has not completed this task in years. Please pray for Pastor Josh as he leads a selected group of 50 church members through the process over the next four weeks. 

Also, pray for the church as they evaluate their finances to free up funds to hire another full-time staff person.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • The 50 church members participating in the vision casting and planning sessions.
  • God to provide a way for the church to hire another full-time staff member.
  • The congregation of Woodland as they serve others and minister to their community.
  • Pastor Josh Frazier as he leads Woodland Baptist into the future.
  • The community of Waynesville, North Carolina.


Let us know if you prayed for Woodland Baptist Church!