Church Answers Solutions

We understand the world is constantly changing. Being a leader in today’s society has its fair share of highs and lows. Our Church Answers solutions are designed to support you on your journey. ministry goals and equip you to lead effectively, grow your congregation, and revitalize your church.


Enhance Your Ministry

Learn what church growth, revitalization and leadership looks like for your church with these practical courses created by our team of seasoned church leaders. See all courses.


Take Your Ministry to the Next Level

Interested in earning certifications? If you’re passionate about seeing churches make a kingdom impact or helping churches transition during leadership changes, our certification programs are for you. Browse all of our certifications.


Reach Your Goals

Take advantage of our personalized, ongoing coaching sessions. Meet virtually with one of our seasoned Church Answers coaches to help you find practical solutions to the challenges you face. Browse all of our coaching options.


Improve Church Health

No matter your questions, we are here to help you find answers. Our comprehensive and virtual plus consulting plans provide you with the platform you need to discover the next step for improved church health.  Browse our consulting plans.

In-Person Coaching Intensives

Flesh Out a Roadmap for Your Church

Join us at one of our upcoming events to plan what the next 2-3 years holds for your church. See upcoming events.


Build Your Ministry

We provide the tools you need to discover who you are and how you can effectively lead your community and congregation. Browse our Tools.