How Can a Christian Vote with a Peace of Mind?


Every election cycle comes with a number of attacks, scandals, and playground-like na-na, na-na, boo-boos. We gravitate towards drama, while at the same time complaining of the lack of leadership. We can’t have it both ways. The melodrama of a soap opera does not produce a strong protagonist. So, how can a Christian vote with a peace of mind?

Know your vote matters. Elections change things. And in our country, we are part of the process. The people we elect make a difference—for better or worse. You may think parts of the system are open to corruption. I sympathize. However, not voting is not a good option. One of my life mottos is, Be part of the solution, not the problem. Not voting makes you more of the problem than the solution. Your vote matters because it shows your commitment to the common good of society. No Christian should disengage from the common good.

When we vote, we’re not binding our consciences to a particular candidate. We are simply trying to better our country as best we can. Part of “loving your neighbors” is caring about issues affecting them (not just issues affecting you). You can be and should be a selfless voter, loving your neighbor as you vote for a candidate. Your vote matters, for you and for your neighbor.

Consider the whole of a candidate. Every candidate is going to say something stupid, and it will be plastered all over social media. The devices record 24/7. Mistakes are harder to hide these days, which is good. But the smallest clip can now make it across the ocean in a nanosecond. So, look at the whole of what a candidate has done and the whole of who a candidate is.

Vote as a citizen of God’s kingdom. I love my country deeply, but my love for King Jesus is greater. This world is passing away, so our primary goal is to build God’s kingdom. I’m sometimes asked, “What if you can’t vote your conscience with a particular choice of candidates?” My recommendation is to write-in someone.

Human dignity is a critical issue. Government is God’s servant for good. It is your duty to vote for people who will fulfill Romans 13. Other issues are important, but where a candidate stands on human dignity and the sanctity of life will inform us of how they will govern. This is justice at its most basic level: we have an obligation to the most vulnerable in our society. We should vote for the candidate that will do the greatest good, and that begins with what you will do to defend the most defenseless.

Choose honor over insults. Elections are contentious. They have been for most of our nation’s history. But this point isn’t about the candidates. It’s about you. You need to filter what comes out of you just as much as what goes in you.

Pray for those in elected positions. It just might change your tone if you consistently pray for people in leadership. A revival of praying believers could spark a revival in the three branches of our government.

I write with trepidation. Any mention of politics can get you in trouble. Throw politics into the context of the local church, and the mood can quickly turn caustic. But every Christian has a responsibility to vote. Don’t fall into the melodrama. Vote with peace of mind.

Posted on February 28, 2024

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.
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    Mr. Rainer,
    Thanks for your article and yes we can vote with peace of mind. Too many of God’s people are listening to the wrong voice when it comes to voting. How many of us seek God in prayer and Bible reading as to how we should vote. It’s not convenient, but if we don’t; we will vote with an agenda…our own preconceived agenda. What does the Bible say about murder? Is abortion the only type of murder? What does it say about treating our neighbors, the poor, and strangers? What is formost to God? Is what we think or how we feel more important than the Word of God?
    It would be great to have leaders after God’s own heart. However even Christians by our actions today are saying, “we will not have this man rule over us” and “give us Barabbas.” I was raised to idolize leaders like George Washington (who could not tell a lie) and others with great morale and leadership abilities. I was told that if I pattern myself after them I too could be President. John Maxwell’s new book, High Road Leadership, I think will point us to leaders after God’s own heart.
    Yes, know that your vote matters…it matters to God. And if it matters to Him, we must vote as good citizens of God’s kingdom. Then regardless of who wins, we must accept what God allows and pray for those in authority accepting the fact that it is ordained of Him.

  • Ross Topliff says on

    Sam, you are absutely correct on the importance of each eligible person voting. There are many considerations in choosing how we cast our votes. As dedicated Christians, we should be taking a hard look at how the life, philosophies, and programs the candidate supports. Life is precious. The democracy of the United States is still an example and model for many. We need to pray for our leaders, our country, and for a steep reduction in the divisiveness that too often comes from both sides of the political spectrum.

  • Sam, I guess I will have to write in a vote. The 2 choices have no dignity. One is cursing and the other is derogatory! The positives are both are for Israel, and one is pro-life!