Simple But Useful Tips for Pastors to Make Good First Impressions with Church Guests


A first impression is made in as little as seven seconds. Within a few moments of being on campus, guests are beginning to form ideas—positive or negative—about your church. The first person a guest meets will influence the first impression. When a guest walks into the building, the first item they see will prompt them to form opinions about the church.

 These first impressions are universal. Businesses and schools deal with them. Everyone has first impressions. Even when you consciously try to be impartial, you cannot avoid those first feelings and perceptions.

 Every guest in your church will have a first impression. Let that register. Every person who will eventually join, serve, and give will experience a common phenomenon. How you manage first impressions is critical to the health of the church. And leading the church includes being acutely aware of first impressions.

 Pastors should lead by example with how they manage first impressions.

 Don’t carry your phone. The distraction is too tempting. Focus on people.  It’s impossible to be polite when you pull out your phone while having a conversation with someone. The texts can wait until after church.

 Show initiative and passion. Don’t wait for someone to approach you. Go to those who you do not recognize. Ask them friendly questions about their lives. Be genuinely interested in their background and story.

 Camp in different areas of the church each week. Most people are creatures of habit. Intentionally choose a different part of the church each week and start conversations with the people in those areas.

 Be knowledgeable about campus activities and locations. A couple of years ago, I attended a crowded sporting event with my four small children. I asked an attendant about our seats. He directed me to another section. Then another attendant told me I was in the wrong section. The confusion was frustrating and slightly stressful as I moved through crowds with my kids. If a guest knows you are the pastor, he or she will expect you to know locations on the campus and activities taking place.

 Walk with guests. Don’t ever point to where something is. Walk. Use your feet, not your fingers. As you are walking, ask them their names and work to remember them.

 Smile. Speak slowly and clearly. A good first impression almost always includes a smile and clarity. Good first impressions happen when people enjoy your presence and understand your words.

 Church campuses are in the reopening phase. People are coming back and checking you out. Likely, you have considered the first impressions ministry. But don’t forget about the first impression that you as an individual will make.

Posted on May 26, 2021

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.
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  • I believe the church has strayed away from the way that bring results, ( evangelism, saved souls, disciples ). Many start sincerely but when it seems progress is not happening we start to devise worldly ways and ideas for growth. A big building is not needed, remember they met in houses in the beginning and they got results and as they grew they began new congregations in houses. To have a big building with all the bells and whistles can be the beginning of sorrows financially. Debt is an enemy the church. It brings strife, a burden she doesn’t need.
    We must understand we are under shepherds not CEO’s of the church Christ is building. He gives us the formula that works beginning with His New Covenant. Matthew 28: 18-20. It is not how big a congregation is, not important that you have all the electronics of today, ( I am not saying they are infective, just not required to build a congregation.). We need to follow the formula that is laid out from Acts one through Revelation three. As under shepherds we need to follow the Lord’s instructions. Money is not the first requirement, Many so called television ministers, evangelists etc. have given Christianity a bad impression through their advantage as money, adsorbent salaries, large buildings, etc. give the impression of success. Numbers and money are not always a portrait of success, souls saved are. Today we have spiritual people in our congregations BUT not saved.
    I have been a evangelist, pastor, teacher for forty nine years now and am beginning to pastor a Church where the pastor has serious health problems. It is small but I will follow the Lord’s instructions as always, why? the foundation He has laid is proven to be the only one, it works. Man’s ideas and ways are not the Lord’s. I close with this comment. Why do evangelists always seem to go to a church to speak, aren’t they sent to go out? Does your church have evangelists going out into your community? Jesus sent them out, why not us into our communities?

  • Please just be happy. I am not asking for fake extreme happiness like a clown, but just happiness. If you are conducting a baptism during the service or a wedding, please act like you want to be there. People can tell if you would be anywhere else even a hanging. I have seen ministers upset over a shortened sermon time due to a baptism in the service. That should be a cause for rejoicing. If you be welcoming at a funeral, you can do it at a wedding. I know many clergy would rather visit the elderly sick and conduct a funeral than do pastoral care for the young, which may be harder but needs to be learned and/or taught.