Six Reasons Prayer Is Moving Hundreds of Churches to Revitalize

I often share with this audience some of the key ways churches are revitalizing and experiencing turnaround. Yet, too often I neglect explicitly giving God credit for the revitalization. Shame on me.

I have heard from countless numbers of leaders how specific prayer efforts have led to revitalization in hundreds of churches. Let me share with you the six most common reasons they articulated why prayer is vital to turnaround.

  1. It recognizes the Source of revitalization. When a church revitalizes, it is depending upon the power of God. He is the only true Source of the turnaround.
  2. It recognizes that revitalization is spiritual warfare. When a church experiences turnaround, people are reached with the gospel. The enemy will do everything in his power to stop those conversions. We must respond with the full armor of God, especially prayer.
  3. It turns people away from self-sufficiency. Attempts at revitalization that are human-powered will fail or be short-lived. Praying people are clearly recognizing they can’t help the church in their own power.
  4. It turns people away from being self-serving. Praying people are obedient to God to reach their communities and serve others. They don’t demand their own preferences and desires.
  5. It unifies the church. One of the keys to revitalization is church unity. Nothing unifies a church more than powerful prayer.
  6. It leads people to discern the will of God. Prayer is a conversation with God. The more we converse with God, the clearer we discern His will. Knowing and obeying the will of God leads to revitalization.

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Posted on May 8, 2019

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • DeWayne Wyatt says on

    Each of the six points in the article is at the heart of revitalization efforts. Only prayer can make each of them a reality and absolutely essential for a successful revitalization.

  • Yep
    We can tell how important
    Prayer is …
    Had 3 comments!
    If it’s about the church members,
    Deacons or mistreatment of the pastor—- the comments go
    On and on!

  • Tom. These are spot on. Number 3 and number 6 go together hand in hand. Very quickly I learned that *my* ideas would fail – even if they are good ones. Only God’s will for the individual church will have success. I sure wish they would teach that in revitalization class at seminary?.

    Number 5 is also so important. In my experience (limited as it may be) If the church invests in the process through unified prayer, then they become energized by even the slightest answer to that prayer. Just last night, I had a “leader” in my church (jokingly – but we all know every joke is founded in a hint of truth) suggest that maybe we need to stop praying for God to send us young people. We had our highest Wednesday night attendance in the four years I have been there. I told him I would be doubling down on my prayers – and adding that God would also send workers to help with the youth!bb suggested he do the same.

  • Tom Harper says on

    Amen Brother Thom! “When the Spirit wants to get a church on its feet, He looks for a church on its knees. In other words, the Spirit wants to mobilize a praying church. Remember, God isn’t concerned with our ability or our inability but with our availability!” ~ Dr. Kie Bowman, Empowered: Why We Need Spirit-Filled Churches

  • William Alan Secrest says on

    I have two couples that now join me every week for prayer at the church that I serve. I wish there more. We want there to be more. Our church needs revitalization but I just feel that many of them would rather watch the church slowly die. I hope that I am wrong. My prayer life in my first church was atrocious. I have served in my second pastorate for about 10 1/2 years. Got has really gotten a hold of me over the last two year and he drove me to my knees. I have shared that many times with my church. We need to reach our community because I know that many of them are lost. It all begins with prayer and seeking the will of God. I should also point out that this time has also revealed just how evil Satan can be. He has created distractions and issues within the church but I thank God for my core group of leaders who are able to rise above these issues. We are definitely in a spiritual battle with the Lord on our side.