The Next Big Push for Pastors


At first, I didn’t like the title of this article. Let me explain.

As a lead pastor of a normative size church, I feel like I have been making big push after big push since the end of 2019. I ended 2019 with a vision for 2020. That vision was thrown out of the window when 2020 unfolded. And we all know what 2020 was like.

I ended 2020 with a lot of fatigue. I had decision fatigue. I had vision fatigue. Now, the months of 2021 seem to be flying off the calendar. But there feels like a newness is starting to surface in the church I have the privilege to lead. There feels like there is a growing hunger for God’s Word, community, and hope. The idea of another big push coming seemed exhausting at first.

What is this next big push?

There is going to be another big push back into ministry. As we enter into whatever our new normal is going to look like, the churches we lead are going to be looking to us for the next hill to take. The hunger for community, for worship, for God’s Word is going to grow in a way that we as church leaders need to start preparing for. For some churches, that means relaunching ministries. For other churches, that means beginning new ministries. The next big push for people to begin re-engaging church life is coming.

Where do I start?

The biggest question I believe you can answer right now is “where is God leading my church to reach my community in the next 18 months?” There is going to be a tension to turn 100% inward as more and more people start re-engaging. I would encourage you to lower that percentage. Yes, take care of those inside the church. But lovingly lead them to take the hope of Jesus to those outside the church.

How do I prepare for the next big push?

Let me give you a few practical ways that might help you answer the question above.

  • Pray. Seek God first. Let prayer be your first priority.
  • Start networking with other church leaders. You aren’t alone. There are other church leaders who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that you are. Meet with other local church leaders or connect with church leaders all over the world at Church Answers Central.
  • Go spend time alone with God. I love the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude. If you can, get away for 24 hours and just listen to God.
  • See your community through new eyes. Drive on a road you’ve never driven on before in your community. Learn about your community. Fall in love with your community again.
  • Let the opportunity fuel you. The people in your church are getting hungry again. That’s a huge opportunity! While it will take another big push of emotional and physical energy, those people in your church are getting hungry for God and what God is going do next. That’s exciting! Let the opportunity fuel you into more Kingdom ministry.

It’s another big push. But this big push just might lead to people discovering the hope of Jesus and begin an eternal, everlasting relationship with God.

Posted on March 26, 2021

Jess Rainer is the co-founder of Rainer Publishing. As co-author of “The Millennials”, Jess provides insights into the next generation of leaders.
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