Know Your Community

A demographic and psychographic report of your community

What is the Know Your Community Report?

  • Report includes two key attributes often used to describe a particular group of people:
    • Demographics (who people are)
    • Psychographics (what people prefer)
  • Boundaries of the community are defined by drive time. Common drive time is 10 minutes.
  • We partner with ESRI to create the reports. Esri’s software is the most powerful mapping and spatial data technology available.

What makes the Know Your Community report so important?

Your church’s address is not an accident. God sovereignly placed your church there to reach the people around you. Do you know them? This report will help you understand your neighbors. Jesus’ Great Commandment (Matthew 22:34-40) gives clear instructions: Love your neighbor. Knowing your neighbor is the first step to loving your neighbor.

Why report based on “drive time?”

In most cases, we use drive time to determine the boundaries of the community. Common drive times are ten minutes (for more dense communities) and twenty minutes (for less dense communities). We use drive time for a few reasons:

Radius reports can be misleading

Other reports use a radius around the location to determine the community. But a radius definition often draws in features that distort data. A large lake or a major highway can alter the results when included in a radius. Drive time works around these distortions for a clearer picture of the true community.

Drive time is an easy way to grasp your community

Other reports use zip codes to determine the community, but most people do not quickly recall where one zip code ends and another begins. In select cases, we will use either a radius or zip codes to determine the boundaries of the community. Some locations require a different approach than drive time.

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