A Special Three-Part Series with Church Growth Services: Episode #1 – Making the Ask: How Pastors Should Approach Key Church Donors – An Interview with Mike Stadelmayer

Episode #SP028
April 5, 2024
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Talking to key givers in the church does not have to be awkward. Mike Stadelmayer of Church Growth Services joins Thom and Sam to discuss how pastors can make the ask without feeling icky. They discuss some best practices that any pastor can follow.

    • Understand the history and culture of your church.
    • Do not violate any written policies or unwritten rules.
    • If you are comfortable in the conversation, most others will be as well.
    • Watch your non-verbal cues and be confident.
    • Desperation only works once.
    • Building relationships takes time, and you may not have the luxury of waiting.


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