A Special Three-Part Series with Church Growth Services: Episode #3 – What Should You Do When a Handful of Key Donors Support the Church – An Interview with Mike Stadelmayer

Episode #SP030
April 5, 2024
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As the median size of a church gets smaller, more are in the predicament of being supported by a handful of key donors. Mike Stadelmayer of Church Growth Services joins Thom and Sam to discuss what these churches can do. Not every case is dire, but the long-term viability of a congregation is at stake when one or two key donors are responsible for most of the budget.

    • The median church size is around 40 to 60 people, so many churches are supported by one or two key donors.
    • Financial risk increases as the number of donors decreases.
    • Assume the best of these key donors, even if they have a lot of influence.
    • Some cases will only be resolved with numerical growth and strong stewardship training.
    • Build a strong relationship with key donors while you build the church.
    • Take care of as much deferred maintenance as possible.
    • Fill the church budget with as many outwardly focused ministries as possible.
    • Transparency is key; don’t be afraid to ask your church to step up.


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