A Special Three-Part Series with Church Growth Services – Episode #2 – The Implications of Churches Holding More Debt for Longer Periods of Time: An Interview with Mike Stadelmayer

Episode #SP020
August 4, 2023
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Interest rates are rising, and some churches are experiencing an increase in debt service payments. Mike Stadelmayer of Church Growth Services joins Sam for a special series on generosity. In this episode they discuss the controversial topic of debt and how churches can avoid holding too much debt for too long.

    • What impact does the rising interest rate environment have on churches right now?
    • How much debt is too much? What would you tell a church that is pushing this limit?
    • What are some ways to reduce debt in a way that encourages the congregation?
    • How can a debt reduction campaign set up your church for a healthy financial future?


Episode Sponsor:

Church Answers and CGS discuss Generosity Trends in the local church.  This discussion includes topics such as:

    • How inflation touches the budgets of churches directly in the form of increased costs and indirectly by reducing parishioner’s resources available for charitable giving.
    • Generally, churches rely on a small pool of very generous key donors.
    • That for many smaller to midsize congregations, the financial load is increasingly being carried by the senior age cohorts.
    • Although overall charitable giving is up, giving to churches has dropped. It is estimated that 59% of churches have declining or flat line giving.

CGS offers an e-book “Five Generosity Megatrends…Long-term Challenges Need Long-Term Solutions.”  It not only identifies the megatrends facing churches today but provides solutions to help you start reversing them.

To learn more about how Church Growth Services can help you grow generosity in your church, visit www.churchgrowthservices.com or call 1.800.234.9853.