The Difference Between a “Can Do” Church and a “Can’t Do” Church

Episode #744
April 12, 2022
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Every church has an organizational culture. Some churches have a culture of optimism. You can feel the energy in worship. Others are pessimistic. You can sense the deadness when you walk into the sanctuary. What is the difference between churches that approach obstacles with a “can do” attitude over others that have a “can’t do” attitude? What makes a church have a lively optimism over a dead pessimism?

  • Church size is not an issue for an optimistic church. The “can do” church is always the right size.
  • The “can’t do” church sees the people it doesn’t have as a problem. The “can do” church sees the people it has as an opportunity.
  • The “can’t do” church is stuck in the past or asleep dreaming about the future. The “can do” church believes now is the time to act.
  • The “can’t do” church believes more money is needed. The “can do” church does ministry with whatever resources God has provided.





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