The Pastor’s Sunday Attire: Dress Up or Blend In?

Episode #816
August 29, 2023
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How a pastor dresses is ultimately much less important than teaching sound doctrine and caring for the congregation. But people do notice what you wear. Should pastors dress up on Sunday since they are leaders? Or should they try to blend in with the congregation and be more relatable? Thom and Sam discuss these questions on this episode.

    • Dressing up means being more dressy than the typical church member.
    • Blending in means dressing similarly to the typical church member.
    • Dressing up signals discipline, preparedness, and respect.
    • Blending in signals relatability and approachability.
    • Age plays a key part. Don’t be the person who tries too hard to look youthful.
    • Personality is also important. Dress in a way that fits who you are.
    • Casual attire can be viewed as high status (e.g. sneakers).
    • Dressy attire can be viewed as timeless.
    • Be wise in how you dress, but don’t be consumed with fashion.


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