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Certification in Simple Church Ministry

The most effective approach to introduce healthy change in churches.

Thom Rainer leads the instruction in a game-changing approach to consultation. The Church Answers team has seen much fruit with this approach in local churches. Based on the research from his classic book, Simple Church, this consultation approach works seamlessly with the other certifications we offer. Watch the light go on with pastors and church members when you use this consultation approach.


Certification in Simple Church Ministry

The most effective approach to introduce healthy change in churches.

The Only Certification Training for the Simple Church Ministry Process


Churches all over the world have integrated The Hope Initiative and Simple Church process into their strategy and focus. As a result, they have grown numerically and in depth of discipleship. They have removed the clutter from their processes and ministry. This certification is the first of its kind to offer both The Hope Initiative and the Simple Church process.

Who is this certification for?

  • Denominational and network leaders who want to help the churches they serve.
  • Pastors and other church leaders who want to help their church and other churches grow in number and depth of discipleship.
  • Professional church consultants in the areas of design/build, stewardship, law, staffing, and others.
  • Current church consultants who want to add this training and certification to their profile.
  • Church consultants already certified in other areas.
  • Retired or retiring pastors and church leaders desiring to make an impact in this phase of life and ministry.

Meet Your Leadership, Instructors, Coaches, and Support Staff

Thom Rainer Headshot

Thom S. Rainer

Founder, CEO, & Lead Coach
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Sam Rainer

President & Senior Coach
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Matt McCraw

Church Answers Consultant & Coach
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Chuck Lawless Headshot

Chuck Lawless

Church Answers Consultant & Coach
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Art Rainer Headshot

Art Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Jess Rainer Headshot

Jess Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Jana Biesecker

Vice President, Customer Experience

Tyrone Barnett

Church Answers Consultant
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Jacki C. King

Church Answers Coach
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Brad Waggoner Headshot

Brad Waggoner

Church Answers Consultant & Coach
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Allyson Strickland

Church Answers Support Staff

How the Certification Works

Video-Based Learning

Coursework happens online and is on demand. Participants can work at their own pace.


Several downloadable resources will enhance the process and inform your learning.



Every participant will be assigned a mentor as they progress through certification.

6 Months to Church Answers Central

Church Answers Central is an online community of over 1,800 church leaders. You can interact with other church leaders in this dynamic environment.

Professional Certification Diploma

All graduates will receive a certification diploma.

Money-Back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the Certification in Simple Church Ministry, you may receive a full refund. The request must be submitted within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

  • I had many ideas that I believed would benefit the church, but I didn’t know how to turn them into a workable plan. The Simple Church Certification helped me clarify our church’s priorities and responsibilities. This certification gave me a clear understanding of the adjustments and changes needed in the church and how to implement them in a way that will keep the church excited.

    Chris Fleming
    Cumberland Presbyterian
  • The Simple Church Certification is just what the doctor ordered! So often, it seems like churches can drown in information overload and not know where to start getting healthy. By focusing on minimal viable expectations, consultants can help churches get moving evangelistically and move members into a process of maturity. As a result, churches can become healthier quicker. I highly recommend this certification.

    Dr. Edward Moody
    National Association of Free Will Baptists
  • Simple Church Certification helped me take a new look at our church and how what we do contributes to the making of disciples.  It also helped me see what we aren’t doing and what we need to do to be more effective in making disciples.  Simple Church is not Easy Church; it is a way to clarify what it means to be a member of the body of Christ so that membership means something more than just showing up.

    Larry Elrod, Pastor
    Billings, MT
  • Whether you are helping other congregations or looking for a solution for your congregation, Simple Church Certification provides an understandable pathway for a congregation to impact their effectiveness.  Minimum Viable Expectations are the key ingredient missing from most strategies for making maturing disciples.

    Alan Morrison, Pastor
    Unionville United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania
  • The Simple Church Ministry Certification class was helpful in simplifying what the church needs to communicate and the tasks it must become adept at. It provides a simple diagnostic toolkit to lead your own church better and help others, too

    Corey Grinder, Lead Pastor
    Hope Chapel, Honolulu

Certification in Simple Church Ministry

Register now to be among the first leaders trained in the Simple Church Ministry Model.

You will be able to help your church and other churches to grow in numbers and depth of discipleship. One church leader called the Simple Church Certification “the premier training for churches that desire to grow in numbers and depth.”

Learner Guide
Mentoring Calls
  • Certification in Simple Church Ministry
    • Module 1: Prefatory Issues for Certification in Simple Church Ministry™ (CSC)
      17 min
    • Module 2: An Overview of the Certification in Simple Church Ministry™ (CSC)
      16 min
    • Module 3: Understanding the Simple Church Wave
      19 min
    • Module 4: Clarity, Movement, Alignment, and Focus: The Original Basics of Simple Church (Part 1)
      20 min
    • Module 5: Clarity, Movement, Alignment, and Focus: The Original Basics of Simple Church (Part 2)
      19 min
    • Module 6: Simple Church Redux
      13 min
    • Module 7: Reaching: The Neglected Priority
      15 min
    • Module 8: Creating a Culture of Evangelism with Greater Frequency
      18 min
    • Module 9: Tools for Reaching
      14 min
    • Module 10: Expecting: The Entry Point for Church Members
      13 min
    • Module 11: Helpful Guidelines and Suggestions for a New Members’ Class
      15 min
    • Module 12: A Certification in Simple Church Ministry™ (CSC) Checklist
      14 min
    • Assignment Completion Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for acceptance?

    We strongly encourage all applicants to have extensive local church experience. The greatest prerequisite is a love for the local church and its leaders.


  • Who will be my mentor?

    A member of the Church Answers coaching team.

  • How will I use this training?

     We already know that both The Hope Initiative and the Simple Church process have been adopted by thousands of churches. But many more are seeking help to implement it in their churches. You will be equipped to help these churches and your own church.

  • How long does the training take?

    The video courses are designed for the student to go at his or her own pace. Most students can complete the certification in six months or less. If the student needs time beyond twelve months, he or she can request an extension of up to another six months.

  • Are there required books for this course?

    It is highly recommended that you read Simple Church by Thom S. Rainer and Eric Geiger.

More Questions?

Contact us at 615-669-8201 or email [email protected] for assistance.