Five Constants in Seasons of Transition

By Kevin Spratt

Vice President, Church Answers

In the last two months, I have transitioned from one fast-paced organization to another. It’s been fast, busy, and a ton of fun. The only thing constant about life is change and transition. Every day we take one step closer to something new and one step away from something old.

Recently, I paused to reflect on what I am learning during this time of change. Here are 5 constants to keep in mind during a season of transition.

  1. History Every new place you are going to has a history. You should take the time to understand its history and honor the work others have done. As I transitioned into my new role, a good friend was transitioning out. Jonathan Howe did an incredible job helping Church Answers get to where it stands today. I am thankful for his hard work in the past which has given me a new opportunity today.
  2. People By saying “yes” to something new you are saying “no” to something else. We all need to keep in mind that nothing is ever “just business.” People are impacted at many levels during seasons of transition. I remember several years ago when I transferred departments at LifeWay. It was hard because I left one of my best friends and mentors to explore a new opportunity. Remember your decisions always impact people on a personal level.
  3. Harmony – I don’t believe in life balance. It’s never achievable. I believe in the pursuit of harmony. Jeff Bezos introduced me to this concept recently. You can see his article HERE. My wife knows that my increased workload during times of transition is only for a season. Clear communication and keeping my commitments are very important in making this season easier for everyone involved.
  4. Hustle – Extra work is going to be involved. It’s just a reality. Two tools that have helped me keep in line with the fast pace are (1) Asana for task management (2) Google Calendar for blocking chunks of time including time for focus work and downtime.
  5. Integrity – Your integrity is a reflection of your character. The best way to ensure integrity during transition is, to be honest, gracious, and consistent in your communication. Although Church Answers is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, our family is committed to living in Lexington, Kentucky in this season, and I will continue to serve part-time at Immanuel Baptist Church. I need to communicate clearly to the church guests and members that I am not leaving and there isn’t anything wrong.

I hope my observations during my transition are helpful to you. Who knows? Maybe we will cross paths soon!

I am extremely grateful for the chance to work at Church Answers. The possibilities to serve the church and advance the Kingdom for the Gospel are endless.

Posted on November 6, 2019

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  • Wow those observations were very helpful and insightful. Thank you for providing them. Two of those that resonated with me were the harmony and the hustle. Again, thank you..

    • Kevin Spratt says on


      Thanks for commenting. Hustle and harmony can be hard and I feel like these two are the most connected.

  • Tony Chester says on

    These are good insights Tom. As a Transitional Pastor every one of these points resonate deeply with me. I work with people who are really facing 2 transitions: my season with them and then a new pastor. Your post is a healthy reminder of the need to lead with sensitivity and situational wisdom!