A Special Three-Part Series with Upward: Episode #1 – Why We Need a Church Recreation Ministry Comeback More Than Ever

Episode #SP022
September 1, 2023
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In this special episode, Thom and Sam discuss the history of recreation ministry in churches and why it’s poised for a comeback. Sports are massively popular in culture right now. Churches can use this popularity as a big ministry opportunity.

    • The rise (1960s – 1990s), fall (2000s), and needed comeback of church recreation ministries.
    • What started with bowling alleys and roller skating has expanded into a variety of sports.
    • The appeal of sports is broad, reaching across multiple demographics.
    • Almost no one in the community will find recreation ministry controversial.
    • Recreation ministry is a unique combination of fun, physical health, and mental health.
    • Too many churches abandoned recreation ministry, and there is a void for faith-based leagues.
    • With the right ministry partner, any church of any size can have a recreation ministry.
    • How Upward is at the forefront of this comeback.


Episode Sponsor:

  • Is your church looking to reach the community? As a pastor or leader, is your desire to reach new families? Use sports as your bridge into the community. As the World’s largest Christian youth sports organization, Upward Sports desires to come alongside your church to advance your mission and promotes Jesus by using sports as your ministry tool. Imagine … families coming to your church, field, local school, parking lot, with their child each week to play in your league. This is where connections are made, relationships are formed, the Gospel is shared, and lives are changed.
  • By partnering with Upward Sports, your church will customize your unique player package, choose the sport you want to offer, access ministry resources, devotions, coach resources, and gospel materials.
  • As a self-sustaining ministry, sports outreach fits any church of any size… that is looking to reach their community.
  • Now is a great time to offer a winter league to prepare for a spring 2024 league.