A Special Three-Part Series with Upward: Episode #2 – How to Make Sports Work for Your Church and Not Against You

Episode #SP023
September 1, 2023
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Thom and Sam continue their special series on recreation ministry. Many church leaders bemoan how sports can pull people away from the church. But what if sports can be used to draw people into the body of Christ? Sports can just as easily work for you. The co-hosts explain how on this episode.

    • Travel sports have soured some people to recreation ministry.
    • You don’t need a gym to do recreation ministry. Fields and parking lots are adequate.
    • How Upward can help you with basketball, cheerleading, flag football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball.
    • Sports ministries are one of the easiest ways to meet people from the community.
    • Sports ministries help accelerate connection and assimilation in churches.
    • Sports ministries can be one of the best methods for holistic discipleship.
    • Sports ministries appeal to young families and bridge all generations.


Episode Sponsor:

  • Is your church looking to reach the community? As a pastor or leader, is your desire to reach new families? Use sports as your bridge into the community. As the World’s largest Christian youth sports organization, Upward Sports desires to come alongside your church to advance your mission and promotes Jesus by using sports as your ministry tool. Imagine … families coming to your church, field, local school, parking lot, with their child each week to play in your league. This is where connections are made, relationships are formed, the Gospel is shared, and lives are changed.
  • By partnering with Upward Sports, your church will customize your unique player package, choose the sport you want to offer, access ministry resources, devotions, coach resources, and gospel materials.
  • As a self-sustaining ministry, sports outreach fits any church of any size… that is looking to reach their community.
  • Now is a great time to offer a winter league to prepare for a spring 2024 league.