How Churches Are Getting People to Return to In-Person Worship Services – A Special Three-Part In-Depth Series – Part 2: How Some Churches Are Defying the Negative Trends

Episode #SP002
January 14, 2022
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In this special three-part series, Thom looks at how some churches are successfully getting people to return to in-person services. This special project looks deeply at data and information from research and case studies. In part 2, they note that hundreds of churches are defying these negative trends. These growth churches point us to solutions.

  • Roughly 5% of churches are seeing MORE people attend in-person worship services than pre-COVID. That’s 17,000 churches!
  • They had created an outward culture above and beyond programs and tools.
  • But they were not hesitant to use tools. Two examples: Invite Your One and Text In Church.
  • The cultural change took place with the pastor’s leadership.
  • The often-asked question was: What are we doing THIS MONTH to reach outwardly?
  • Most of these churches have prayer ministries for reaching people.



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